Payday loans of more than 6,000 euros in 48 hours

Compare all the loans in the market for free and in a matter of minutes. Then you have the possibility of getting the financing you need so very quickly, without any type of paperwork and with a completely online process. Meet the cheapest deals on loans of more than 6,000 euros and finance the project you expected.

Where to contract loans of more than 6,000 euros?

Today, unlike what happened just a decade ago, there is a large number of entities that can grant us loans of more than 6,000 euros to finance individual projects. Therefore, depending on our economic needs and the conditions that each of us offers, we can request a loan from any of the following financing providers:

  • Financial institutions of private capital: CitrusNorth allow us to get payday loans from 3,000 euros in a matter of minutes, with a completely online application. Your refund is made in monthly installments and its cost will depend on the amount that we request and the entity itself. They can also offer loans of 500 euros to solve small incidentals.
  • Conventional banks: they are the first option par excellence. According to the bank, we can request them through the Internet or in an office. Normally they ask for a minimum of connection (have an open account with them) and, sometimes, a little seniority in the entity.

Depending on the purpose we want to give the money, it will be better to go to one entity or another. For example, if we want to finance the reform of our home or acquire a new vehicle, among many other purposes, the cheapest option will surely be to request financing from our bank. However, if we urgently need money, we can turn to private equity lenders, since they usually have a shorter application and grant process.

There are 3 fundamental aspects of personal loans

At the time of deciding to contract a loan of more than 6,000 euros, the first thing we must do is search and compare between the different offers of the market, to make sure that our choice is the most appropriate. That is to say, it is an error to remain with the first option that we find, although it is very competitive.

In any case, when looking for and comparing, there are several aspects that we must take into account to make a beneficial contract and then we list them:

  1. Amount: it is essential that we choose the amount we need, never a higher one, since we will generate more interest and not a lower one, as we could fall short when financing the project we want and finally do not get any results.
  2. Term: the term in which we can reimburse the capital is a key aspect since we must choose one that does not generate too many interests, but that, at the same time, allows us to face all the monthly installments without endangering our economic situation.
  3. Cost: to know what we will pay for the financing, it is important that we inform ourselves about all the costs included in the loan. First, look at the TIN, the APR and see if there is any additional cost that is not understood within these two variables.

If we take into account these aspects and make sure we understand all the conditions to which we are going to commit when signing the contract, we will probably make sure and adequate contracting of the credit of more than 6,000 euros.

Requirements to obtain loans of high amounts

One million pesetas is a very high sum, so it is necessary to meet relatively strict solvency requirements to access credits of that amount or higher. The required conditions may vary depending on the risk criteria of each entity, but in general, you must always meet the following basic requirements to get loans of 6,000 euros or more:

  • Be of legal age, although depending on the entity may require us to be over 21 or 25 years.
  • Españ to reside permanently and have a document ID or the like to certify NIE.
  • Have a regular, sufficient and justifiable source of income. It can be a payroll, a pension, the income of the self-employed, and so on.
  • Not be registered in files of defaulters, although some quick mini-credits do allow us to get financing by appearing in ASNEF or similar, rarely exceed 1,000 euros of financing.

Depending on the loan we go to, we can sometimes have additional requirements such as hiring certain linked products, opening an account with the entity and having a certain length of service in the bank.

Do you grant credits without a salary of more than 6,000 euros?

Yes, Although it is true that collecting a salary will increase our chances of obtaining loans of more than 1,000 euros or 6,000 euros, it is possible to obtain financing, even if we do not have a payroll. However, to approve our application it is essential to have an equivalent source of income that meets the following requirements:

  1. Justifiable: we must deliver a document that verifies that we receive a payment such as a pension or the declaration of income tax or VAT in the case of self-employed workers.
  2. Newspaper: it is essential that we receive these alternative incomes every month, so timely income will not be valid.
  3. Sufficient: the amount of monthly income that we have must be proportionate to the amount that we request and that allows us to repay the loan without being over-indebted. A good formula for not unbalancing our economy is that we should not dedicate more than 35% of our income to reimburse the current credits.

For example, the pension that retirees receive monthly meets these three conditions, so most entities will lend us money if we charge this type of income. Likewise, if we are self-employed with a sufficient salary we can also obtain loans of high amounts, while if we are unemployed, we will not be able to access loans of 6,000 euros or more in practically any case.